Lina roselina in Handcuffed playtime

6:25 video

Cute Lina has been given a challenge by her boyfriend, he went out and told her he would be 30 minutes and she had to film herself doing the challenge.

So, she sets up her video camera and turns it on. She leaps onto the bed and now she has to look under the pillows for her challenge, she looks under the first one and finds nothing BUT she looks under the second pillow and finds 2 pairs of handcuffs and a ballgag.

She realizes there are no keys but that’s no problem as it will only be 30 minutes.

So, she picks up the ballgag and pushes the ball into her mouth, and then buckles it shut behind her head, she quickly takes off her little jumper and lets those gorgeous boobs out,

She takes one cuff and locks it onto her left wrist below her wristwatch and then locks the other cuff on her left ankle, she loves this and quickly locks one cuff onto her right ankle then onto her right wrist.

Now she’s getting horny and lifts up her little skirt and exposes her pussy for us all to see, she hasn’t done this before and she is having very naughty thoughts about playing with herself.

So rather than think it she lies on her back and lifts her legs up and starts to play with herself and pushes a finger into her vagina, she starts to play with her clit and she is loving this. Handcuffed Gagged and masturbating ever so slightly.

She rubs her clit again and is enjoying herself so much but the handcuffs are now catching her skin and she looks across the room and spots handcuff keys she points to her wristwatch and I guess times up for the handcuffs. She wriggles her way over and gets the keys, she unlocks herself and she knows it won’t be long till he comes back and watches her video. But she knows she will be getting handcuffed again and also, she will be getting fucked until she can’t take any more. An exciting thought I think?


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