Payback Time

7:44 video

Beautiful Tall Blonde Ariel Anderssen had left you all handcuffed and gagged and has decided to come and tease you even more. She walks back into the room and discovers you have gone she didn’t know you had a well-hidden handcuff key.

 Where did he go but you are totally free and you her on the bed and she has no idea what’s next.

Well, we return to find her Totally Stripped Naked!

with rope around her body and her wrists tied securely behind her back, her ankles are tied together and there’s a crotch rope digging in between her legs but what have you done.

Well the crotch rope end is tied to her ankles and if she moves her legs the rope gets tighter, she doesn’t know if she wants to escape as the rope is giving her so much pleasure.

the rope Digging in Between her legs is getting her very horny.

But she is a determined woman and likes to escape.

She wriggles around the bed and is getting very excited, but the tape gag on her mouth keeps her quiet.

She wriggles against the ropes and tugs on her wrists and the rope is digging into her and she loves it.

But she doesn’t want to stay there all day as she is so horny she wants to go back to her vibrator.

But she gets herself free and she wants to go and experiment but you don’t want that as she is yours to do with whatever you like.

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