Jen Handcuffed for Fun

6:30 video

Jen Handcuffed for Fun

After Unlocking her friend Rebecca from handcuffs and Legcuffs the girls start to talk about the thrill of Self Bondage. Jen has never been in Bondage in her life and seeing Rebecca Hog cuffed has got her very interested indeed!

So, Jen agrees to try the hog cuff out to see if she likes it, but she has been getting all hot at the thought of her beautiful Blonde friend locking her up and gagging her.

So, Jen lays on her front and Rebecca locks one Legcuff onto her left ankle then leans over and picks up the handcuffs Jen puts both her wrists behind her back and Rebecca locks one cuff onto her left wrist. she asks Rebecca to be careful around her expensive new wristwatch.  And then her right wrist is locked up securely.

The chain from the Legcuffs is looped over the handcuff chain and her right ankle is locked in by the second cuff. Jen is trying not to show she is getting excited by all this and giggles nervously.

Rebecca takes a scarf and pulls it between jet’s teeth and ties it behind her head, Rebecca then tells her she is going to leave her alone to have a wiggle. she gets up and walks out of the room and Jen starts to check the cuffs to see if she can undo herself.

Well with all this wriggling around it has caused Jen's nightdress to ride up exposing her purple panties, but she doesn’t care as she is so turned on and just can’t get out of the cuffs. After a few minutes Rebecca returns and unlocks Jen as she was totally stuck, Jen is asked if she would do it again and she agreed that it was fun and would do it again no problem. Well, what an end to a perfect day. Jen likes bondage now and the feel of the metal against her skin was a huge thrill for her and she is looking forward to her next visit.

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